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Getting Started


There are no up-front costs to use the Careview Clinical Safety System.  The system is a provided as a monthly service model. The monthly fee per bed includes all equipment, installation training, and on-going support. A local rep in your area is available to provide support.

Implementation & Installation

The CareView Clinical Safety System operates over your hospital’s existing coaxial network and VPN, and we work with your plant operations team to fit the equipment into rooms.

Patient Privacy 

The system is HIPAA-compliant and secure. It does not record any video images and includes consent processes and privacy options that will suit your hospital's needs. 

Typical Network Requirements

The CareView Clinical Safety System is very flexible, and can be setup in a number of ways in order to satisfy hospital or system security and operational networking requirements. Generally, CareView is a closed system with interfaces to the hospital infrastructure only for:

  • Internet access (dedicated access- business class of T1 or VPN, B2B VPN)

  • VLAN to allow nurse station monitors to connect to CareView servers

  • Access on the same VLAN for the hospital’s HL7 engine to route messages to the CareView server

  • WiFi access should you be using the CareView Connect mobile device or SitterView tablet

  • Implementation typically includes a simple one-way ADT feed from the Hospital’s HL7

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