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Fall Prevention: Virtual Bed Rails and Virtual Chair Rails

Using patented motion detection software, the CareView System gives you advance notice and time to respond. Using only the camera in the room, the Virtual Bed Rails® motion detection software creates invisible, motion-sensitive borders in and around the beds of at-risk patients. If the borders are crossed, the nurse is alerted immediately. The Virtual Chair Rails® module extends this protection to the chair alerting the nurse when the patient attempts to exit.

Caregivers are notified as patients begin to exit their chair or bed affording the opportunity to intervene and prevent falls. Hospitals nationwide have experienced a 30-50% reduction in falls.

The patented algorithms in this technology have been shown to significantly improve a nurse’s ability to reach the patient before a fall occurs.

What makes us different:

  • Virtual Bed Rails® act as passive monitoring, eliminating the need for additional FTEs to monitor high-risk patients.
  • While typical fall prevention technologies use a pressure mat to provide an alarm when the patient has exited the bed, the CareView System provides early notification at the first sign of a patient’s intent to exit offering nurses extra time to reach the patient and prevent a fall.
  • Nurses can immediately qualify alarms by actually seeing the patient in the room in real time from wherever they are located.
  • The CareView System is available with no capital expenditure and a great return on investment.

Patient privacy is always a concern when using cameras in a clinical setting. The CareView System is HIPAA-compliant and secure. It does not record anything, and can include consent processes and privacy options.

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