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Virtual Bed Rails / Virtual Chair Rails

Using our patented motion detection software, nurses draw invisible motion-sensitive borders around the patient's bed on the SitterView monitor.   This activates our patented Virtual Bed Rails. When outward movement by the patient breaks the barrier, a trigger is activated sending a visual and audible alarm to the staff's monitor. This rapid notification allows staff to reach their patients faster, significantly reducing falls.  

Virtual Chair Rails extend this protection to the chair alerting the nurse when the patient attempts to exit.

Caregivers are notified as patients begin to exit their chair or bed affording the opportunity to intervene and prevent falls. Hospitals have experienced a 30-50% reduction in falls using our technology.

Why CareView?

No Capital Expenditure Required 

All equipment, installation, training and support are provided by CareView through a monthly service model. 

Fall Prevention via Motion Detection Alerts 
While typical fall prevention technologies use a pressure mat to provide an alarm when the patient has exited the bed, the CareView Clinical Safety System alerts at the first sign that the patient is attempting to exit. This provides additional lead time to get to a patient's aid, dramatically reducing hospital fall rates. 

Real Time Qualification of Alarms 
Nurses can immediately qualify alarms by actually seeing the patient in the room in real time from wherever they are located.

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