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Hospital Benefits

Reduce Costs

Hospitals are realizing a return on their investment immediately through reduced sitter costs and fall reduction.

Additional cost savings can be achieved by:

  • Reducing the number of patient falls and the burden of unreimbursed expenses. The cost of a single fall can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Protecting your reimbursement rates with high HCAHPS scores. The CareView System allows patients to watch first-run movies and access high-speed internet. – resulting in increased patient satisfaction.

Reduce Falls and Risk

Using patented motion detection software, the CareView System gives you advance notice and time to respond.

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Reduce Sitter Costs

The CareView System allows for close observation of high-risk patients from multiple locations resulting in reduced sitter costs and management of staffing resources more efficiently.

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Increase Patient Satisfaction and HCAHPS Scores

The CareView System allows patients to use their in-room television to:

  • Watch first-run movies
  • Access high-speed internet
  • Conduct video visits with family and friends
  • Allow parents to see their newborns in the nursery or NICU
  • Provide a calming atmosphere with calming scenic visuals and sounds to drown out hallway noise
  • View patient education content

Streamline Patient Flow

The CareView System improves coordination between admitting, nursing, staffing, and housekeeping. The real-time view of occupancy and streamlined workflow improve the time that it takes to admit patients into inpatient beds and reduces the amount of time that it takes for dirty beds to become ready for new admits. The unique integration with video monitoring allows the house supervisors and staffing to visualize the room remotely, reducing effort and time.

The system also provides staffing with diagnosis information, notes from the admitting unit, and historical infection control information for the patient to help make an appropriate bed placement. An observation patient census helps keep track of how long patients have been in the hospital and helps nurses prioritize their work. The application has been designed to handle inbound and outbound facility transfers and can provide metrics on all aspects of patient flow within the hospital.

Integrations with existing pager systems, SMS, and email allow staff to be notified in the most convenient manner possible and speeds the deployment of housekeepers to dirty rooms. Infectious conditions and the required cleaning procedures are automatically delivered to ensure that surfaces are cleaned appropriately.

Patient Education

Display educational video content from your chosen content provider easily from the patient’s bedside. Video sections may be started by the patient or caregiver and later produce a record of the content delivered to the patient.

Improve Hospital Communications

The CareView Connect® mobile application provides patient monitoring and vital communication tools from an existing Wi-Fi Android or iOS device. Patient care and fall prevention are extended to the nurse’s handheld device allowing them to quickly receive and triage fall alarms.

Staff can send and receive secure text messages allowing for HIPAA-compliant communication of patient conditions. A notification screen displays a history of text messages as well as alerts from CareView and third parties.