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What's Included

The CareView Clinical Safety System is offered as a managed service with an affordable monthly rate. CareView provides all equipment, installation, and training with zero capital expenditure by the hospital along with customized implementation support.

The subscription includes both clinical and patient satisfaction tools that may help you consolidate vendors.

CareView utilizes your existing coaxial infrastructure, and therefore requires no costly rewiring. From there we add a layer of interactive capabilities and monitoring tools to create substantial benefits for the hospital and patients.

Included in your monthly subscription rate:

  • Fall Management Program: Fall prevention with Virtual Bed Rails and Virtual Chair Rails
  • Sitter Management Program: Efficient & Cost Effective Solution for Sitters
  • Mobile patient monitoring
  • BedView: Patient Flow Bed Board & Census Management
  • All equipment
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Protocols, Consent Forms & Patient Education Information
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Patient Entertainment & Education Options* including:
    • In-room Movies
    • Calming Scenic Visuals and Sounds to Provide a Calming Atmosphere
    • Patient education content

*Note: Some educational and entertainment content is provided by third parties and may require a small additional cost.


The system includes several components:

  1. Infrared Camera & Room Control Platform (RCP) - The camera is typically mounted in the ceiling tile at the footwall. It is connected to the RCP which is placed behind the television under a cover or up above the ceiling tile.
  2. Sitter View Monitor which is typically a 23” touch screen monitor that displays the video feeds, safety, and privacy options in a secure location inside the nurse’s station. These are usually connected to the hospital’s switched ethernet network via a designated data drop at the desk.
  3. Head-End Server which includes:
    • Application Server
    • Video Gateway
    • CMTS- Cable Modem Termination System
    • Firewall

All of the Head-End equipment typically resides in the hospital data center or a separate communication closet that takes up about 7U rack space or in a dedicated removable cage. All equipment is installed and maintained by CareView and includes 24/7 technical support and routine training.

CareView presents a compelling value proposition for hospitals looking to decrease costs and improve quality.