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Sitter Management Program

The CareView System allows for close observation of high-risk patients from multiple locations which reduces sitter costs and assists in managing staffing resources more efficiently. Hospitals nationwide using CareView have effectively reduced their sitter-related costs by 50%.

Implementing the CareView System can cut your sitter-related labor expenses while still maintaining a safe environment for patients. High-risk patients can be designated and monitored from the nurses’ station, centralized locations, or mobile devices.

What makes us different:

  • While traditional video monitoring solutions rely on a sitter’s vigilance over an extended period of time, the CareView System’s motion detection software actively monitors the patient which provides customizable alerts when the patient moves or attempts to exit the bed.
  • The CareView System helps keep sitters alert by interacting with them at random intervals and provides management with reports on their responsiveness.
  • The CareView System helps you keep more of your nursing staff focused on patient care – doing the jobs they are trained to do.

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