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Clinical Safety System

Between 700,000 and 1,000,000 patients fall in hospitals each year* and 30-50% of these falls result in injury.** The CareView Clinical Safety System improves patient safety by preventing falls and reducing 1:1 sitter costs. The turnkey system requires no capital expenditures or up-front costs.

The CareView Clinical Safety System provides caregivers the ability to observe high fall-risk patients from one central location. Motion detection alerts provide staff with additional lead time to get to a patient’s aid, thereby dramatically reducing hospital fall rates. With CareView, your patient’s room becomes a safer place.

* Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2009)
**Joint Commission (2015) 



Fall Prevention: Virtual Bed Rails

Using patented motion detection software, the CareView System gives you advance notice and time to respond. Using only the camera in the room, the Virtual Bed Rails® motion detection software creates invisible, motion-sensitive borders in and around the beds of at-risk patients. If the borders are crossed, the nurse is alerted immediately. 

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Sitter Management Program

The CareView System allows for close observation of high-risk patients from multiple locations in order to reduce sitter costs and manage staffing resources more efficiently.

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Mobile Patient Monitoring

Patient care and fall prevention are extended to the nurse’s handheld allowing them to quickly receive and triage fall alarms. Instead of physically entering the patient’s room to determine the fall risk, the nurse can immediately qualify the alarm and respond accordingly.

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