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Virtual Rails

Virtual Patient Safety is the Answer

Between 700,000 and 1,000,000 patients fall in hospitals every year.1 Of those, roughly 30–50% result in injuries that cost hospitals an additional $50B per year.2,3 At CareView, we’re committed to promoting fall prevention in hospitals, lowering patient fall costs and raising awareness around patient safety like never before.

The CareView [ Patient Safety ] System

A predictive patient monitoring system that promotes fall prevention in hospitals, increase patient safety and reduce sitter costs.

Intelligent Optics

Virtual Rails® with
Predictive Technology

SitterView® Monitoring System

Analytics Dashboard

Centralized Remote Video Monitoring

Enhancing [ Patient Safety ]

Our patented predictive patient monitoring system is proven to reduce patient falls by up to 80%.

Patient Monitoring System for Healthcare - Hospital Patient Fall Prevention | CareView Healthcare Technology

Improving Your [ Bottom line ]

Clients using the CareView Patient Safety System have reported a 65% reduction in patient sitters.

Setting the Standard in Predictive Patient Monitoring

At CareView, our mission is simple: Promote fall prevention in hospitals, reduce sitter costs, lower patient falls and inspire a culture of always-on safety in every hospital and facility leveraging the CareView Patient Safety System.

OUR [ partners ]

CareView [ Success ] Stories

“Since we started the CareView System at CMMC, our fall rate has decreased tremendously. It is exciting to me that we at CMMC are doing everything we can do keep our patients safe. We strive daily to get our percentage up and cove as many patients as we can. The system is great!”
Renee Stirkens
RN Nurse Director, Central Mississippi Medical Center
“Happy to say 4MC has had zero falls for the month of January. We’ve had no falls since December 5th. Pretty much unheard of for this unit, and we haven’t gone live yet!”
Nurse Manager, Providence Healthcare System
“Since we have installed the CareView System, our patient falls are an all year low and have improved by over 75% in the first three months. CareView is our magic wand!”
RN Director of Risk Management, Midwest Regional Medical Center
“The technology provides us a continuous view of the patient and we can respond if they move out of the bed and try to prevent a fall from happening. If the patient reaches over or extends out far enough, an alarm goes off and we can immediately see, via the monitor, what's happening in the room.”
Sarah Humme
Chief Nursing Officer for Southwest General Hospital
“I like the Care View System. It enables me to see into each patient's room and it also provides an overview of the whole floor so I quickly see what is happening in all rooms.”
Tawni Oyler
HUC, Med/Surg, Mountain Vista Medical Center
“At Atlantic Health System’s Chilton Medical Center, we have implemented CareView’s innovative technology which in turn, has made a positive impact to our patients’ safety by reducing falls and sitter usage. CareView’s extensive clinical education and training has also provided our team members with the essential tools to deliver better patient outcomes."
Diane Perez MS, BSN, RN, CNML
Manager, Nursing Operations, Chilton Medical Center
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