Solutions built for virtual care

Alleviate nurse burnout
and optimize resources

Improve the well-being of nursing staff and enhance patient care by reallocating bedside administrative tasks to virtual RNs, who can engage with patients and their families virtually.

Enhance patient safety
through virtual observation

Reduce the risk of patient falls by harnessing the power of AI and continuous monitoring of multiple patients from a centralized hub, all while delivering optimal care and maintaining a streamlined workflow.

Trusted by hospitals, leading GPOs
and integration partners

“At Atlantic Health System’s Chilton Medical Center, we have implemented CareView’s innovative technology which in turn, has made a positive impact to our patients’ safety by reducing falls and sitter usage. CareView’s extensive clinical education and training has also provided our team members with the essential tools to deliver better patient outcomes.”

Diane Perez, MS, BSN, RN, CNML

Nurse Manager of Nursing Operations

“Inpatient care in the hospital is increasingly virtual. Integrating CareView with the Get Well Inpatient platform enables hospitals to deliver patient and family experiences in ways that meet the needs of a changing healthcare landscape.”

Todd Strickler

Senior Vice President of Product

One virtual care platform.
Numerous use cases.

The CareView platform, fueled by industry-leading AI technology, is specifically designed to address the unique requirements of virtual nursing and virtual sitting use cases.

Engineered by CareView for patient care

Our purpose-built cameras are designed and engineered to smoothly integrate with the CareView platform and deliver an exceptional experience for our valued hospital partners and their patients.