Virtual Sitting Use Cases

Enhance Patient Safety Through Virtual Observation

At CareView, we offer a cutting-edge virtual sitting solution that leverages AI and our patented predictive technology to mitigate the risk of falls and ensure heightened patient safety. Through continuous monitoring of multiple patients from a centralized location, our solution proactively prevents falls and enables healthcare providers to deliver optimal care while maintaining a streamlined workflow.

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Monitor 25-35
Patients at Once

Simultaneously monitor patients with efficiency through patented predictive technology, harnessing AI and machine learning to ensure patient safety and well-being.


Fall Prevention
and Reduction

Proactively prevent falls, reducing the risk of patient injuries and improving overall patient safety.


Lower Physical
Sitter Costs

Reduce the need for physical sitters, resulting in cost savings for healthcare facilities while maintaining high-quality patient care and safety.


Monitor Behavioral

Monitor and ensure the safety of behavioral patients who may require additional attention and support.


Continuous 24/7

Continuous round-the-clock monitoring of patients offers an additional layer of safety and security.


Detect Elopement
and Delirium

Detect and prevent patient elopement and delirium, allowing healthcare providers to intervene in a timely manner and ensure patient safety.


Suicidal Ideation

Monitor and care for patients with low-risk suicidal ideation, providing an added level of support and reducing the risk of self-harm.


Staff and
Patient Safety

Enhance staff and patient safety by reducing the need for physical sitters and utilizing virtual monitoring to create a secure environment.

Reduce patient
falls by 80%.


65% reduction in patient sitters.


By harnessing the power of advanced AI technology and continuous monitoring, we enable healthcare providers to proactively prevent falls, reduce costs, and enhance overall patient care. CareView is committed to revolutionizing patient safety through our virtual sitting solution.

Discover how CareView is transforming virtual sitting with the Patient Safety System®.