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Who We Serve

At CareView®, we help healthcare providers minimize risk to patient safety with our virtual monitoring solutions. Our patented technology can predict inpatient falls, alert staff to at-risk patients, minimize costs of sitters, and help to build a culture of patient safety. Consider the various types of medical facilities who benefit from our leading-edge technology.

Veteran Hospitals

Veteran hospitals (CLC’s) face a unique array of challenges treating a range of patients with varying risks of sustaining a fall. Some are in for a routine surgery, elderly patients with decreased mobility may receive long-term care; still others require psychological care and treatment for disturbing episodes of PTSD.(CK

Whatever the challenge is, the CareView Patient Safety System® provides greater visibility to patients at risk so that Safety Technicians can provide the highest standard of care to our nation’s veterans.

Acute Care Hospitals

Video monitoring solutions can help acute care hospitals monitor their patients for safety and fall risks and enable Safety Technicians to continuously monitor more patients from one screen. This is especially helpful in surgical wings, rehabilitation centers, or emergency care, where patients may overestimate their ability to walk following an illness, injury, or surgery and attempt to get out of bed, only to fall and further injure themselves.

With CareView, hospital staff can efficiently monitor each patient, document patient risks, and adjust workflows accordingly.

Medical-Surgical Units

Post-surgery falls are extremely common. Many patients may awake from surgery and attempt to lift themselves out of bed. Inpatient falls in medical-surgical units are usually due to a patient’s body being weak from surgery, prolonged effects of anesthesia, healing surgical sites, strong medications, or a patient unaware of their sudden loss of strength. A virtual eye on these recovering patients is highly effective at preventing falls.

Intensive Care Units

No patients require more attention than those in the ICU. Here especially, virtual care is as critical to patient safety as an abundance of nurses and other attendants. With virtual patient monitoring, patients are never left unattended.

With CareView, hospital staff can efficiently monitor each patient, document patient risks, and adjust workflows accordingly.

Isolation Units (Negative Pressure Rooms)

Video monitoring of isolation rooms is critical, as patients are unaccompanied and often need closer monitoring. AI-powered monitoring can enable your team to safely screen infectious patients from afar, monitoring them for safety risks and alerting  nurses to potential risks. 

The CareView Patient Safety System®allows for pre-recorded audio or 2-way audio communication to quickly respond to the patient while nurses and doctors may be preparing their PPE to enter the room.

Behavioral Health

CareView allows  facilities to keep a continuous watch over patients who present with behaviors that warrant a higher level of protective observation, such as exhibiting extreme combativeness, being self-destructive, or being considered a danger to self or others.

Suicide Ideation

CareView’s patient monitoring solution enables 24-hour monitoring for patients perceived to be at risk for suicide or self-harm. Further, our fixed controllers are installed seamlessly in ceiling tiles, leaving no exposed cords that may be used for self-harm.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Long-term care facilities typically serve older generations or those with disabilities and mobility issues, which are both at higher risk for falls. Some examples of long-term care facilities we serve include:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living
  • Community Living Centers

Nearly one-third of adults over the age of 65 will report a fall each year, with many of those being the reason for their admission to a long-term care facility. In-room and facility a  virtual patient safety system offers nursing home and assisted living staff a viable solution to minimize falls and increase patient safety while increasing productivity and maximizing ROI.

CareView Serves Medical Facilities Across the U.S.

CareView is helping to redefine the standard of medical care and enable the medical workforce of the future. Request a free demo to become part of the solution to hospital fall prevention and patient safety.par