GPO Partnerships

Empowering Healthcare Advancements

At CareView, we value strategic partnerships that enable us to expand our reach and impact in the healthcare industry. Through our Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) agreements, we have forged strong alliances with renowned organizations, including Vizient, Premier, and HealthTrust. These partnerships empower us to bring our cutting-edge virtual nursing and virtual sitting technology to a wider network of hospitals and healthcare facilities, revolutionizing patient care and safety on a larger scale.

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As a trusted GPO partner, Vizient provides unparalleled expertise and resources to healthcare organizations. Through our collaboration with Vizient, we offer innovative virtual care solutions to numerous hospitals, optimizing patient outcomes and elevating the standard of healthcare delivery.

Our partnership with Premier opens doors to top-performing healthcare facilities, empowering them with advanced virtual care technology. Together, we strive to improve patient care, reduce costs, and drive efficiencies in healthcare systems.

Through our association with HealthTrust, we extend our virtual care solutions to a diverse network of healthcare providers. By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to enhance patient safety and well-being across the spectrum of care.

Experience the Impact of Virtual Care Technology

As a leading virtual care technology provider, CareView is committed to revolutionizing the healthcare landscape through strategic partnerships with esteemed GPO organizations. Together with Vizient, Premier, and HealthTrust, we are paving the way for a safer and more efficient healthcare environment, one facility at a time.