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CareView’s Patient Safety System: Impacting the Patient Experience

Patient Experience Week is April 29 – May 3 of 2024. In this blog, our team identifies how CareView’s solutions are impacting patient experience.


Understanding a patient’s experience, and identifying how to continually improve it, is an essential aspect of a health systems pursuit of providing quality care. Hospital and healthcare systems continue to adapt and evolve with new technologies and developments that focus on making the patient experience safer and tailored to each individual patient’s unique needs.

At the intersection of a health system and the pursuit of an enhanced patient experience is CareView Communications. Our CareView Platform leverages technologies within the Patient Safety System to provide enhanced patient monitoring and within the Patient Care System to transform virtual nursing.

“When we engage with our clients, whether they are established or looking for a new solution, we are actively listening for their pain points and how we can help improve the experience they are having with virtual nursing and virtual monitoring solutions,” explained Teddy Berdan, VP of Business Development at CareView Communications. “This in turn translates to the patient’s experience through better outcomes.”

Some of these outcomes – impacting both hospitals and their patients – can be seen in the graphic below, which illustrates some of the capabilities of our Patient Safety System in providing cost savings for hospitals and reducing patient falls.



Capabilities within the CareView Platform do not stop at cost savings and reducing patient falls, however. The CareView Platform’s Patient Care System provides significant benefits for patients and hospitals as well. These may come in the form of:

  • Decreased admission time for patients
  • Improved nurse satisfaction scores
  • Decreased nurse turnover rates
  • Improved patient satisfaction scores



“As the graphic above indicates, CareView’s Virtual Nursing solution focuses on multiple key performance indicators that impact the patient’s experience,” said Cathy Story, Chief Clinical Officer of CareView Communications.

The Patient Care System takes a holistic approach, providing technological supports from the time the patient is admitted to the time he or she is discharged.

“Our focus as a customer-centric organization is to think first and foremost about the client and their patients and how we can incorporate their input and feedback into creating a better user experience with our platform,” explained Story.