CareView’s Patient Safety System: Virtual Sitting by the Numbers

For healthcare workers, patient safety is always top of mind. New technologies have helped streamline processes and workflows to help keep patients safe but creating additional value, integration and functionality from these technologies has also become a priority for healthcare leaders.

Recently, CareView Communications Leadership presented at the Texas Hospital Association Spring Summit in Austin. Leaders from hospitals across the state were in attendance, and the predominant topic of discussion was patient safety—particularly, preventing patient falls. As hospital systems from across the country have adopted CareView’s Virtual Sitting solution, their users have found reductions in patient falls while also seeing a variety of additional benefits.


Preventing Patient Falls

As mentioned above, patient falls are a common topic when discussing the broader topic of patient safety. CareView Communications conducted a case study with one of its Southern California Health Systems to determine how our Virtual Sitting Solution impacted the number of sitter hours needed by the health system and the number of patient falls. This study was conducted over one year, and its outcomes are below.

As can be seen in the above study, the outcomes are substantial. With CareView’s Virtual Sitting Solution, the number of sitter hours required from the health system decreased by 57%. Perhaps more importantly, the number of patient falls decreased by 95%.

Similar partner systems have seen their own outcomes improve patient safety and have been recognized for their efforts.


The Patient Safety System – Features and Display

CareView’s Patient Safety System leverages SitterView® technology, the virtual observation platform that allows  hospital staff to safely monitor 25-35 patients at one time. The interface for SitterView is included below to give an idea of what the solution looks like.

The Patient Safety System also provides several other key features that can be used for a variety of use cases. Through leveraging AI and our patented predictive technology, including Virtual Bed Rails ® and Virtual Chair Rails ®, 25-35 patients can be monitored simultaneously from one location. Additional system features can be seen below.

“In speaking with nursing colleagues throughout the various health systems we work with, patient safety is one of the topics I hear the most about,” explained Cathy Story, Chief Clinical Officer with CareView Communications. “Another topic I hear about a lot is staffing shortages. Our Virtual Sitting products provide a solution to both.”


By the Numbers: A Side-by-Side Comparison

For systems that use 100 CareView cameras for patient monitoring, the benefits compared to the competition show substantial savings in physical sitter costs. Our patented Virtual Rails Technology ® provides increased efficiency while positively contributing to patient safety.

The graphic below compares CareView and the competition, resulting in over 1.3 million dollars in savings annually.

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