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Developing a culture of patient safety in healthcare is all about teamwork and commitment. The culture will not shift unless all parties actively choose to engage in and embrace the change – leadership, caregivers and, yes, even patients.

Commitment of Leadership to Patient Safety

In healthcare facilities, as in most any other organization, change starts at the top. Leaders must demonstrate that safety is a top priority, not just in words, but in actions. Some tactics that can help show leadership’s commitment to patient safety include:

CareView assists organizations in designing a fall prevention program that meets both patient safety goals and sitter cost reduction objectives.

Empowering Caregivers to Engage and Act

No other party is more vital in creating a culture of patient safety in healthcare than the caregivers on the floor. Without their understanding and acceptance of the safety program and processes, any safety initiative will not be successful. Some ways to help caregivers actively engage in patient safety programs include:

CareView offers a robust training program to assist caregivers in quickly learning and mastering the CareView Patient Safety System.

Incorporating Patients into the Safety Culture

An important strategy in developing a safety culture is to involve the patients themselves. Engaging and educating patients on relevant areas of safety and actively listening to patients are critical to supporting patient safety initiatives. Here are ways healthcare organizations can facilitate a patient-centric approach to safety:

As an integral part of the CareView Patient Safety System, the SitterView® monitoring hub offers 1- and 2-way patient communication to minimize patient risk and encourage patient satisfaction.

Find Out How the CareView Patient Safety System Can Play a Vital Role in Developing a Culture of Patient Safety.