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Hospital Fall Prevention


The facts about

[ Fall Prevention ]

Patient fall prevention in hospitals is an important pillar of any patient safety plan. Arming your organization with the facts behind patient falls can help both administration and staff better define and refine a strategy to reduce them.

Who Is Most at Risk for Patient Falls?

The reality is, any patient can be at risk for falling. But there are risk factors that put some patients more at risk than others. These include patients who are:

The True Cost of Patient Falls

Patient falls are among the leading causes of increased morbidity and mortality in hospitals and healthcare systems, with at least 30% of occurrences resulting in injury to the patient.4

Centralized Remote Video Monitoring

How Predictive Patient Monitoring Helps Patient Fall Prevention

The predictive patient monitoring technology built into the CareView Patient Safety System uses intelligent motion detection and machine learning to provide staff with additional lead time to reach a patient. This early warning system is proven to dramatically reduce patient fall rates and helps reinforce a culture of patient safety in healthcare facilities.

The CareView team works closely with each facility to build a customized solution designed to meet the demands of current budgets and deliver a scalable solution to address future needs.

Virtual Bed Rails

Learn More About the Science Behind Predictive Fall Monitoring Technology.

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