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Minimizing risks and [ Maximizing ROI ]

Minimizing risks and

[ Maximizing ROI ]

As our population ages, the number of patient falls and the costs to treat fall injuries are likely to increase. Healthcare facilities must develop effective fall prevention strategies that increase patient safety while lowering operating costs.

Minimizing Risks to Patients

According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of death-by-injury for Americans 65 years and older.1 Cultivating a culture of patient safety and implementing a comprehensive patient safety plan that includes a predictive fall monitoring solution can make a substantial difference in improving patient safety and quality of care.

The patented CareView Patient Safety System with predictive technology is proven to reduce falls by up to 80%, becoming an important part of any patient safety strategy.

Mitigating Risks to Staff 

Some of the forgotten victims of patient falls are the nurses and staff on the front lines. Falls affect caregivers both physically and psychologically. Not only can staff be injured while helping patients who have fallen, they can also suffer from feelings of guilt and frustration.

The CareView Patient Safety System not only empowers caregivers to watch and communicate with patients from a central location, the predictive monitoring technology works to alert staff that a patient is at risk before their feet touch the floor. Caregivers can react quickly to keep patients out of harm’s way.

Maximizing Hospital ROI

How do you increase patient safety while keeping operational costs in check? It’s a question that leaders in virtually every hospital nationwide are working to answer every day. While there’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer to patient safety, there is a proven solution to lowering patient falls and reducing sitter costs that can provide immediate returns as well as a positive long-term ROI.

The CareView Patient Safety System’s industry-leading predictive monitoring technology reduces sitter costs by 65%, delivering an immediate boost to the bottom line. As a part of a larger patient safety strategy, the CareView system can be a key component in cultivating a culture of safety that will pay dividends for years to come.

How Much Does Your Organization Spend on Sitters and Falls?

Use our cost calculator to determine what you’re spending to compare with the cost of the CareView Patient Safety System.

Learn How CareView Can Design a Custom Solution to Meet Your Budget and Maximize ROI.

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