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Press Release: CareView Communications Expands and Modernizes Product Offerings for Hospitals

LEWISVILLE, TX – September 22, 2020 – CareView Communications, Inc. (“CareView” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: CRVW), an information technology provider to the healthcare industry, announced the expansion and modernization of its platform, the CareView Patient Safety System, with the launch of its Gen 5 hardware and software offerings. The CareView Patient Safety System incorporates a variety of camera solutions specifically designed to address clinical needs  in general safety, as well as applications in the ICU and behavioral health settings.  In addition, the new CareView Patient Safety System is fully enabled for two-way telemedicine. This launch also includes two new software products targeted at improving patient safety and clinical workflow, SitterView® and the CareView Analytics Dashboard.

For over a decade, CareView has pursued innovative ways to increase patient safety, providing advanced solutions that lower operational costs and foster a culture of safety among patients, staff and hospital leadership.  The new CareView Patient Safety System, anchored by a patented, proven solution for reducing patient falls and increasing in-room safety, is a modular scalable design that delivers operational savings in any application. It delivers flexible configurations to fit any facility while significantly increasing patient safety and operational savings, while enabling telemedicine.

CareView’s next generation of in-room camera, the CareView Controller, features an HD camera, high-fidelity 2-way audio, and an LCD display, harnessing increased performance to deliver the ultimate in capability, flexibility and affordability for all types of hospitals. Equally important is the fact that the CareView Patient Safety System can be deployed as a mobile, portable (semi-fixed), or fixed solution and can be implemented via local server, virtual server or the cloud.

The CareView Patient Safety System includes CareView’s new SitterView Monitoring System, providing a clear picture of multiple patients at once, allowing staff to intervene and document patient risks more quickly.  SitterView features an intuitive decision support pathway, guiding staff alarm response and pan-tilt-zoom functionality, allowing staff to hone in on areas of interest.  In addition to high resolution video feed, SitterView provides easy access to 2-way audio functionality allowing staff to communicate with patients, making it the perfect companion for remote monitoring and telemedicine needs. CareView’s new Analytics Dashboard provides real-time metrics on utilization, compliance and outcome data by day, week, month and quarter. Outcomes are automatically compared to organizational goals to evaluate real-time ROI.

Steven G. Johnson, CareView’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are pleased to continue to innovate our technology in an effort to best meet the changing needs of hospitals. With installations in more than 150 hospitals, we have proven that our innovative technology is creating a culture of patient safety where patient falls have decreased by 80% with sitter costs reduced by more than 65%.”

Sandra McRee, CareView’s Chief Operating Officer, stated, “CareView has a modular, scalable, customizable patient safety system to fit the particular needs of all hospitals. As the population of the U.S. continues to age, we can help healthcare facilities minimize risk of patient falls and increase patient safety while quickly maximizing their return on investment.


About CareView Communications, Inc.

As a leader in turnkey patient video monitoring solutions, CareView is redefining the standard of patient safety in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. For over a decade, CareView has relentlessly pursued innovative ways to increase patient protection, providing next generation solutions that lower operational costs and foster a culture of safety among patient, staff and hospital leadership.  Anchored by the CareView Patient Safety System, this modular, scalable solution delivers flexible configurations to fit any facility while significantly increasing patient safety and operational savings. All configurations feature HD cameras, high-fidelity 2-way audio and LCD displays for the ultimate in capability, flexibility and affordability. Corporate offices are located at 405 State Highway 121 Bypass, Suite B-240, Lewisville, TX 75067. More information about the Company and its products and services is available on the Company’s website at


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President and Chief Executive Officer

CareView Communications, Inc.

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