Prevent Patient and Staff Injury in Behavioral Health Environments

Being more vigilant can help prevent injuries in the behavioral care environment. Many things in the behavioral health environment can pose a risk for both staff and patients. Virtual Safety Techs can warn staff if they notice certain telltale signs, or if anything looks unsafe in an at-risk patient’s room. Nurses, providers, and other staff on site can be alerted before entering the room minimizing the risk for everyone.

Watching a behavioral patient can be very stressful maintaining safety of the caregivers, patients and family present, and CareView is here to help.

Remote video monitoring can help protect nurses, caregivers, and staff without having to be present in the room at all times. There is always someone watching who can take preventative action if they sense any danger.

Careview’s alarms are heard at the monitoring station, instead of in the patient’s room as a courtesy to the patients and their families.  Noone wants to hear any surprise alarms coming from anywhere in their rooms when in a vulnerable position such as being admitted to an inpatient hospital unit or behavioral health facility. For a person admitted with a behavioral health crisis, the alarm may do more harm than good.  Using the Patient Safety System (R), staff can remain responsive to any needs, urgent or emergent, without excessive disturbances that can exacerbate a behavioral health crisis. This is particularly in the Pediatric behavioral health environment, where patients can be very sensitive to their environment.

The JCAHO standard of care for using remote video monitoring in a behavioral health environment is to enhance the efficacy of the 1:1 sitter when indicated.  Two sets of eyes are always better than one, and when you have software-assisted eyes the safety levels can be much higher than with just a 1:1 sitter for high risk behavioral health patients. We are, as always, still an amazing tool for enhancing the safety of low behavioral risk and low-to-high fall risk patients.

Careview also offers a FIXED camera unit that is installed flush with the ceiling tiles in a behavioral health room when having a ligature resistant fixture is an important factor in safeguarding your patient population.


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