Product Spotlight: SitterView

As the uses for remote video observation continue to evolve, so does our Patient Safety System. CareView collaborated with customers to design a platform targeted at improving both patient safety and the user experience.

Welcome to SitterView®, our newest video monitoring software that comes with enhanced features, improved monitoring capabilities, and a new user interface.

SitterView is built on top of our patented Virtual Bed Rails®, which uses machine learning to observe a patient’s movements for intent to exit the bed, decreasing false alarms associated with traditional solutions.

Key Enhancements:

  • Ability to document patient risk factors, bringing increased awareness to the virtual sitter monitoring at-risk patients
  • Advanced sorting and filtering of patient video feeds, allowing virtual sitters to customize their view
  • Intuitive decision support pathway, guiding technician alarm response
  • Additional languages for use with CareView’s 1 Way Audio
  • Improved documentation of interventions
  • Access to CareView’s Pan-Tilt-Zoom functionality, allowing staff to hone in on areas of interest

Here is some customer feedback we have received so far…

“SitterView® is a smooth sleek platform that allows me to view my patients safely. It provides great tools to monitor them using tags to identify the highest risk patients.” – Virtual Sitter

“We have been able to monitor our patients on 3 North using SitterView®. It has reduced PPE and physical sitter usage. During this time it has been invaluable.” – Nurse Manager

SitterView® is more than a patient monitoring portal, it is an invaluable tool to increase safety and improve workflow.

Request a demo of our technology and jumpstart your hospital’s patient fall prevention program today!

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