SitterView Centralized Monitoring

Reducing Alarms with CareView’s Patient Safety System®

Alarm fatigue is a problem that impacts patient safety in hospitals nationwide. Studies show that alarms are triggered unnecessarily and do not require clinical intervention as often as an estimated 85-99% of the time. Over time, clinicians simply tune out these alarms.1

With CareView’s Patient Safety System®, alarms stay out of the patient room and are vetted by safety techs before involving clinical staff. When CareView’s patented Virtual Rails® has identified an at-risk patient leaving the bed, the safety tech is alerted. The safety tech can visually assess the situation and redirect the patient with 1-way and 2-way audio before alerting floor staff.

False alerts from bed exit and position change alarms are being shown not to be as effective as initially thought. Some healthcare facilities are phasing out bed exit alarms and other preventive measures to decrease patient stress and reduce the false sense of security given to staff that can lead to negligent behaviors.2

CareView’s patented alarm system brings value to hospitals by limiting the number of alarms sounding on the unit, allowing staff to focus on meaningful interventions and patient care without the distraction of unnecessary alarms.

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