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Virtual Nursing

Welcome to Intelligent Virtual Nursing

Virtual nursing workflows for patient observation, companionship, care concierge, and administrative tasks can ease workloads and improve care delivery. Hybrid patient care, the combination of bedside and virtual care, allows hospitals to keep nurses working at the top of their licenses and creates flexible and scalable workforce options.

Meanwhile, patients enjoy greater convenience, more access to caregivers, faster quality care, and an all-around improved patient experience.

Reduce labor costs and allow nurses to practice to the top of their license with a virtually connected care collaboration model. 

Unprecedented turnover is taking its toll on hospitals. Workforce shortages and rising costs are fueling the call for a new model of care. The world of care delivery is becoming increasingly digitally enabled and health systems are looking to hybrid models that bring virtual resources in to support bedside care. Virtual care is quickly becoming a clinical and financial imperative.

Virtual nurses support the care delivered by bedside nurses by alleviating their workload and providing greater patient satisfaction. Nurses at the bedside can focus on clinical tasks and patient care, while a highly trained, flexible, scalable virtual workforce is connected to in-room technology to manage the more administrative tasks. 

Hybrid Care Venn
Our always-on dedication to patient safety and support allows nurses to get back to what they do best - DELIVER CARE!
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Reduce admission and discharge time by 30 minutes
Reduce falls by 90% and sitter costs by 75%
Reduce falls by 90% and sitter costs by 75%
Improve patient experience and HCAHPS scores
Improve patient flow and case contribution margin
Reduce length of stay and readmissions
Increase employee morale and retention by 15%

The Evolution of Inpatient Care

Remote video monitoring has become a proven fall reduction solution, however, it continues to evolve into a more comprehensive care solution to address staffing shortages and rising labor costs. With facility-specific virtual care workflows and integrations, patients experience greater convenience, more access to caregivers, faster quality care, and an all-around improved patient experience.

Virtual Care Workflows

Who uses virtual nurses?

Virtual nurses are used in a variety of care and clinical settings to maximize staff and increase efficiency. A virtual nursing unit allows nurses to remotely interact with patients and patients with caregivers at the push of a button. 

Today virtual nurses are primarily used in medical/surgical units of acute care facilities but may even expand at some point into other services such as critical access facilities and specialty use cases such as pharmacy, social work, dietary, and chronic case management. 

In some cases, the lessening of workload for bedside nurses to focus on clinical care can even alter the nurse-patient ratio, but it is manageable because so much of the administrative burden has been lifted.

Hybrid Care – a new model of nursing

CareView virtual nursing offers remote video monitoring technology with facility-specific workflows and integrations that are scalable across facilities to support staffing, reduce cost, and improve the patient experience with a hybrid care approach.

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