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Virtual Patient Monitoring

More than a patented, proven solution for reducing patient falls and increasing in-room safety, the CareView Virtual Patient Monitoring System’s modular, scalable design delivers operational savings in any application.

Welcome to modern [Video Monitoring] 

Predict patient falls before they happen. Track intelligent data. Modernize telehealth services with face-to-face, virtual care. Increase ROI with latest advancements in patient care technology. CareView® is redefining the standard of care with real solutions for hospital workers, long-term care facilities, and home health assistants.

The numbers say it all. With installations in over 150 hospitals, The CareView Patient Safety System’s innovative technology combined with dedicated support from day one reduces patient falls in hospitals by 80% and lowers sitter costs by 65%.

A Modular, Scalable, Customizable Safety Solution

We go above and beyond to bring you a flexible patient video monitoring system that includes all the technology, clinical integrations, customization, and sophistication you need to protect patients from falls and enable your staff to respond more efficiently, all while delivering maximum operational savings. Products include:

Remote video monitoring
CareView Fixed Controllers (CFCs) install seamlessly in ceiling tiles leaving no exposed cords that could be used as a ligature. Fixed Controllers are installed in high-risk patient rooms where behavior and self-harm is a factor.
Remote video monitoring
CareView Portable Controllers (CPCs) can be easily removed from mounts and moved where workflows dictate, making them perfect for general use in rooms where patients require monitoring.
Remote Video Monitoring
CareView Mobile Controllers (CMCs) offer ultimate flexibility, delivering a patient safety system on wheels for situations when the camera needs to come to the patient.

Virtual Rails: Accurately Predict Patient Falls 

Patented Virtual Bed Rails® and Virtual Chair Rails® use advanced machine learning to decipher between normal patient movements and behaviors of an at-risk patient. Predictive technology alerts safety technicians BEFORE a patient gets up – quickening staff response time and drastically reducing falls. 

With a technology-forward, proactive approach to patient monitoring, safety technicians decrease false-alarms, improve staff response times, and create smoother workflows with Virtual Rails.


CareView Remote Video Monitoring

SitterView: Improve Communication, Risk Documentation, and Patient Safety

SitterView® is more than a patient monitoring portal. It’s an invaluable tool to increase safety and improve workflow. Safety Technicians can monitor up to 40 patients through a customizable portal, document risks and adjust workflows based on at-a-glance intelligence. 

Built-in communication technology allows pre-recorded responses or two-way conversations with patients, so they know there is always someone watching out for their safety.


Robust Analytics Dashboard for

Real-Time ROI Reporting

The CareView Patient Safety System comes with access to our Analytics Dashboard, providing utilization, compliance, and outcomes data for clinical review by day, week, month or quarter. Outcomes are automatically compared to organizational goals to get a real-time depiction of ROI.

CareView Patient Safety Dashboard
CareView is committed to information security and implements extensive measures to protect our customers’ confidential data and information systems, as evident by our information security assessment certifications.
CareView has been HITRUST certified since 2017. HITRUST certification is an internationally recognized standard that helps ensure the practice of adequate and proportionate security controls are in place to safeguard customers’ information and intellectual property assets. HITRUST certification confirms CareView’s strict information security policies.
CareView leverages FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module certificate #3998 for handling sensitive information, validated against FIPS 140-2 Level 1 without the need for additional hardware.

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