Deep Dive into CareView Communications’ Virtual Observation Workflow

Last month’s blog focused on the features of CareView’s Patient Safety System and the quantitative outcomes health systems have obtained from leveraging this technology. In this month’s blog, we dive deeper into how our virtual observation platform works and illustrate the workflow associated with virtual observation.


The Patient at the Center of the Process

As a customer-centric company, CareView has designed the virtual observation platform around the safety of the patient and a friendly user experience for the virtual observer. Our patented predictive technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to differentiate between normal patient movements and behaviors of an at-risk patient.

“Through leveraging AI and our platform’s patented predictive technology, we are able to best support virtual observers and the bedside staff tasked with physically assisting patients,” explained Cathy Story, Chief Clinical Officer with CareView Communications.

“These professionals work closely together in the monitoring of their patients, and our technology supports seamless communication between all parties to prevent patient falls or other potentially harmful events from occurring.”


The graphic below gives a visual depiction of CareView’s Virtual Observation workflow.



It is also important to note the additional use cases and benefits outlined in the graphic above. While the primary use case for virtual observation solutions has largely been focused on high-fall-risk patients and elopement prevention, CareView’s solution can also be applied to behavioral health. The technology allows for virtual observation to help mitigate and prevent self-harming behaviors. This can be particularly important when working with pediatric populations, a population CareView has expanded into.


As digital health continues to expand, it is important to look at solutions that keep a customer-centric focus and approach. If you have any questions or would like to see the capabilities of CareView’s solution in further depth, please don’t hesitate to reach out.