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Leveraging Technology to Increase Safety and Support Behavioral Health in Hospitals

Prior to the global pandemic, healthcare systems had been adopting virtual care solutions for years. The reduction of overhead costs, coupled with the ability to increase access to care for patients, are a few of many reasons why virtual and telehealth options have become popular models for care delivery. Of course, the global pandemic was a catalyst for increasing the speed at which healthcare organizations and companies across all sectors adopted new technologies. Now, with the implementation of these technologies and operating in a post-pandemic era, organizations are assessing the value they currently obtain from each technological platform.

CareView Communications has been supporting hospital care teams with innovative virtual care solutions for over a decade. While CareView’s products increase the capacity of hospital care teams to provide virtual nursing services, they also can be used to improve patient safety – particularly within the space of behavioral health. 

As part of a suite of products CareView offers its customers, The CareView Patient Safety System offers an array of resources that can be accessed and managed from a centralized interface to enhance patient and staff safety. These resources include the following:

  • SitterView® – CareView’s virtual observation platform
  • TeleCareViewTM – CareView’s virtual nursing and virtual care platform
  • PatientView® – CareView’s platform that offers observation capability without impacting workflow

“In tandem with each other, our products can add value beyond their core capabilities in a way that supports the creation of an outstanding patient experience,” notes Cathy Story, Chief Clinical Officer of CareView Communications. “Furthermore, we have noticed behavioral health is a significant topic of concern for our clients and partners in their aim to keep their patients safe. Our products can add value in supporting systems with that area of patient care as well.”

For example, CareView is able to support hospital systems and Emergency Departments by augmenting general care with live video monitoring to cost effectively observe for:

  • Self-harming behaviors
  • Elopement risks
  • Aggressive behavior toward others
  • Staff safety

These capabilities are then supplemented with the ability to support medically unstable patients with acute behavioral health symptoms, such as: 

  • Suicide attempts or ideation
  • Patients involuntarily admitted for their safety or the safety of others

Furthermore, the CareView system provides continuous monitoring for patients with known chronic behavioral health issues requiring acute medical hospital care for: 

  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Medication regulation

“Key to our model is the ability to provide value across the spectrum of care for hospital systems,” Story explained. “Our clients and partners have expressed their appreciation for products that solve multiple problems they encounter but are glad to have an integrated virtual care system that enhances our patients’ experiences.”

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About CareView Communications, Inc.

For over a decade, CareView has been dedicated to supporting hospital care teams with its innovative virtual care solutions. The Company has established successful partnerships with over 200 hospitals nationwide, implementing effective inpatient virtual care strategies that greatly enhance patient safety and overcome critical staffing challenges. The CareView platform, fueled by industry-leading predictive technology and supported by its purpose-built hardware, specifically addresses the unique requirements of virtual nursing and virtual sitting use cases. The CareView team works closely with their hospital partners to understand their evolving needs and deliver tailored virtual care strategies that align with their objectives. By providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care, CareView contributes to improved patient outcomes and a more sustainable healthcare ecosystem. Learn more at or follow CareView on LinkedIn.