Setting Your Team Up for Virtual Nursing Success

As widespread nursing workforce shortages have impacted health systems across the nation, many organizations have quickly adopted technology solutions to support their nursing and clinical teams. As virtual nursing platforms have become increasingly popular for hospital systems, perhaps unsurprisingly, healthcare leaders have been inundated with a variety of options now available to them.

Our focus at CareView Communications has always been rooted in creating customer-centric experiences and setting our customers up for success. Our virtual nursing solution engages stakeholders from across care teams and provides a variety of use cases to drive comprehensive care for the patient and is designed to support care teams by reallocating professional nursing and administrative tasks to virtual Registered Nurses (vRNs).


CareView’s Virtual Nursing Use Cases

The various use cases provided by CareView’s Virtual Nursing platform follow a strategic approach that offers support from the time the patient is admitted through the patient’s discharge. 

Three common use cases for CareView’s Virtual Nursing Platform include:

  • Admission Assessment
      • Our Virtual Nursing solution integrates with your EMR system to push admission info to the CareView platform so virtual care staff have demographic and mission-critical info. A physical assessment is completed by the bedside nurse and a virtual nurse (vRN) completes the admissions process.
  • Patient and Family Education
    • Our solution provides a vehicle for discharge education and medication reconciliation through a two-way audio and video connection. Additionally, family caregivers can be included in the education and support activities when not present with the patient via the secured SMS link.
  • Discharge
    • CareView’s solution creates the ability for timely discharges and reduction of readmission risks. The virtual nurse can provide discharge planning and instructions, in addition to scheduling any necessary follow-up appointments with providers and specialty care. The solution provides two-way audio and video functionality capabilities for discharge coordination that facilitate discharge education and communication of discharge readiness to staff. Our solution provides the capability to complete patient discharge activities and notify bedside staff of transport readiness.


These common use cases are illustrated in the graphic below:



Additional use cases include virtual rounding with the provider at bedside, care management, nurse mentoring, oversight of medication administration, and translation services. 

Our focus is to create a comprehensive experience with the software and hardware designed to meet your staffing and patient needs, from admission through discharge. 

If you are interested in how our technology solutions can support your care teams and enhance both patient and staff experience, connect with us today. We look forward to connecting with you!


About CareView Communications, Inc.

For over a decade, CareView has been dedicated to supporting hospital care teams with its innovative virtual care solutions. The Company has established successful partnerships with over 200 hospitals nationwide, implementing effective inpatient virtual care strategies that greatly enhance patient safety and overcome critical staffing challenges. The CareView platform, fueled by industry-leading predictive technology and supported by its purpose-built hardware, specifically addresses the unique requirements of virtual nursing and virtual sitting use cases. The CareView team works closely with their hospital partners to understand their evolving needs and deliver tailored virtual care strategies that align with their objectives. By providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care, CareView contributes to improved patient outcomes and a more sustainable healthcare ecosystem. Learn more at or follow CareView on LinkedIn.


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